Meat Production Factory



Faccenda Group are one of the UK’s largest food businesses with over 50 years of experience in the retail and food service sectors.


Stancold was appointed to build a new temperature-controlled food production facility with multiple rooms, corridors, chillers and distribution warehousing the overall area of 10,500m².


Stancold has adapted well to time constraints by extending working hours and increasing efficiency. We’ve worked closely with the building contractors in the erection of a PIR firewall in a continuous span of 9m (normally limited to 4m) by installing necessary steelwork to achieve the desired result.

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We were very pleased with the whole process.

Fred Handy, A&H Construction
Project New Food Production Area
Location Telford, Shropshire
Building Use Meat Production Facility
Panel Core Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
Panel Supplier Kingspan
Panel Thickness 50mm/100mm/200mm
Panel Facing White Cleanable Laminated Food-Safe Finish
Door Requirements Hinged Doors