Fire Access Corridor Partition

Gaiger Bros


Gaiger Brothers, a facilities management company from Devon, approached Stancold to refurbish their clients’ fire escape corridor walls.

The end user was a small electronics manufacturer whose priority was to, given an increasing volume of visitors, refresh the look of the area while keeping the parameters compliant with their insurer, FM Global.


Stancold’s client, a more traditional construction company, has never worked with composite panels. It was paramount to conduct a site visit to ensure all parties understood the regulations, specifications and agreed on the scope.

During the pre-construction stage, Stancold’s team value-engineered and designed a solution allowing the client to keep cleanrooms partially operational and leave the bespoke interior envelope and doors intact.

Project Delivery

The challenges of the build required a thorough brief for the installation team. With the cleanroom walls built on a steel frame, Stancold’s experts selected an unusual 75 mm panel thickness, allowing installation using the existing structures and keeping the corridor’s width within Building Regulations.

Stancold completed the installation of the 50-metre-long L-shaped wall, complimented with two sets of personnel doors, in less than ten days, not only ensuring minimal disruption but also, thanks to the nature of working with composite panels, allowing the fire-escape route to be serviceable outside of the construction areas.

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Great show of flexibility from the on-site team

Sam Glover, Project Manager
Building UseSmall Electronics Manufacturing
Panel CoreMineral Fibre
Panel SupplierIsoclad
Panel Thickness75 mm
Panel Requirements298 m²
ServicesNon-disruptive installation
Value engineering to specification
Critical facilities working expertise