Firewalls To Divide Office & Warehouse, A&H Construction, Oxfordshire

A&H Construction


We have worked with A&H Construction on several occasions, and have worked on all the units at this site.


Stancold installed a 150mm thick composite wall & ceiling panels with a mineral fibre core to both units to achieve the required fire ratings. We also installed firestopping products within the wall lines where the firewall/ceiling panels met adjacent structures (such as external cladding and roofing) to ensure the fire integrity of the installation was achieved.


Stancold dealt with difficult access conditions in Unit 7 by installing 4.10m high firewalls around a projecting gantry/walkway from the wall line. The sheer size of the panels in Unit 7 required extra care and attention to ensure a safe installation was achieved.

Half-way through the project, the client instructed Stancold to supply and install additional fire-rated partitions to the ground floor levels in both units. Stancold reacted quickly and efficiently to ensure these additional works were complete within the client’s original programme requirements.

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An example of Stancold adapting to new requirements within the original timescale.

James Cowmeadow, Stancold Project Manager
Building UseWarehouse
Panel CoreMineral Cored Fibre Panel
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness150mm
Panel Requirements185m²
ServicesProject Specific Design Advice
Correct Specification, Detailing of Each Product
Load/Span Calculations
Development of Bespoke CAD Details
Project Management