Flour Mill & Factory Partitions, Berkshire

Specialist Flour Producer


Due to unprecedented demand for their specialist products, this Berkshire-based mill built an extension to their existing facility.


A series of 4-hour and 1-hour rated firewalls and 1-hour fire rated staircase enclosure, with accompanying fire stopping products, to form a new factory extension mill/production facility.


The broad range of applications for our industrial partitioning system was put to the test on this project. Not only were we asked to provide the 4-hour firewalls, we also found a solution that provided the 1-hour walls and encompassed the necessary hygienic requirements for a company making products for the food industry.

The 4-hour firewall was constructed using 150mm thick Firemaster Wall Ultima panels from Eurobond Laminates to achieve a 4-hour separation wall between new and existing buildings. Supporting steelwork was encased using 50mm thick Vermiculux boards which protected them, achieving a 4-hour rating. Firestopping to the head of walls was also installed here to achieve a 4-hour rating. The 1-hour firewalls were constructed using 100mm thick Firemaster Wall Extra Panels from Eurobond Laminates. Head and end-of-wall firestopping details were also installed on these walls to achieve the 1-hour rating.

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Factory Owner
Building useFlour Mill & Factory
Panel CorePIR & Mineral Fibre
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness50mm, 100mm & 150mm
Panel FacingWhite Cleanable Laminated Food-Safe Finish
Panel Requirements199m²
Fire Rating1 & 4-hour rated
OtherFire Rated Staircase Enclosure