Build of Multiple Rooms, Chiller & Freezer Storage, Enfield

Japanese Food Distributor


Japanese food has grown in popularity and the company needed to expand and adapt their facility to enable them to better serve their UK and European customers.


The new client required our expertise to build frozen and chilled storage as well as a distribution warehouse for the end user, Europe’s biggest importer and developer of Japanese food.

Project Delivery

A series of rooms for storage and distribution including a 44.26m x 15.07m x 10.12m high freezer. To enable easy access, we installed a 3m wide x 4m high rapid-rise door.

Due to the high value and storage requirements of sake, a separate chiller was created alongside the vegetable chiller for fresh produce. We also installed a dock chiller to keep the products at the correct temperature.

Andy Connell

It was an exciting project that required different stages of storage and distribution.

Sam Glover, Contracts Manager, Stancold
Building useFood Distribution
Panel CorePIR
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness80mm, 125mm
Panel FacingLaminated Food-Safe Finish 120 Micron Thick
Panel Requirements2754m²
DoorsRapid Rise Door, Chiller Door, Freezer Door