Taste of the West Sustainability Award 2023 

In line with our own efforts in sustainability, Stancold is pleased to be sponsoring this exciting award to find food producers and processors across the South West that are also putting sustainability at the forefront of their business. We will be joining Taste of the West’s judges to find out more about entrants and crown one member as Sustainability champion for 2023. Read more here.

The threat of climate change isn’t going away. As a leading multi-discipline contractor in our field, Stancold acknowledges the responsibility it has to do everything in its power to lessen its impact on the environment. This is why we are prioritising efforts to actively reduce the business’ carbon usage from the inside-out.

Read more about what has been involved in our journey to reach carbon neutrality here or watch below:

Our efforts have been recognised in line with the actions identified by Climate Neutral Now, a United Nations-led initiative to promote and facilitate carbon footprint reduction and compensation worldwide. Read more about how we got there here.

Work now continues to prioritise short-term and long-term goals to make adjustments, including applying pressure to our own supply chain to determine their current footprint measures and future intentions to better support carbonless activity.