Workshop & Partition Walls, Tea Supplier, Hampshire



Having worked closely with the engineering manager at Twinings in his previous role, we were very pleased when he got in touch directly when they needed partition walling to separate their production facility and a new workshop.


A new workshop area for maintenance (7.60m x 4.84m x 3.50m high) and a series of five partition walls. The workshop area was to have two vision panels and five hinged personnel doors. A roller shutter door was installed in the partition wall leading through to the factory for ease of access.


The challenge with the installation of the workshop and the partition walls was that the team had to work around the live factory. This was no problem thanks to a dedicated project management and an experienced installer team.

Contact details for Patrick Ball, Divisional Development Manager

“Great installation and great communication [with the project manager], nothing you could improve on!”

John Gibbons, Brammer
Location Andover
Building Use Tea Production
Panel Core PIR
Panel Supplier Kingspan
Panel Thickness 100mm
Panel Facing Laminated Food-Safe Finish - 120 Micron Thick
Panel Requirements 4.6m²
Doors Roller Shutter Door, Hinged Personnel Doors
Other Vision Panels