Food Processing Area

AB Produce


AB Produce supplies a range of potatoes and prepared vegetables to the wholesale, retail, processing, catering and food service supply chain. They are based in Swadlincote in the East Midlands.


From design to installation, Stancold was appointed to build a modern food processing area using insulated composite panels and include packaging areas, two cold stores, one chiller and one blast chiller.

Over multiple on-site consultations, Stancold’s Food Projects team were able to coordinate a design and construction schedule for the new food processing area.

Project Delivery

Our team was able to deliver the processing area to the client’s specifications and timescale. AB Produce was very pleased with our work and they were able to quickly begin using the new processing area to achieve a higher level of operational excellence.

Andy Connell

We are very pleased with our new
state of the art food facility

Dale Pride - AB Produce
Building UseFresh Food Preparation and Storage
Panel Core100mm Mineral Fibre (up to 1-Hour Fire Rating)
Panel FacingWhite Steel Faced with Food-Safe PVC Laminate finish
Panel Requirements5000m²
Door Requirements2 Hinged Chill, 5 Sliding Chill, 4 Rapid Roll and 11 Personnel