Firewall Reconfiguration in a Fashion Retailer’s Warehouse

Urban Group


Urban Group, a construction company from Yorkshire, approached Stancold to assist in their fit-out project for a fashion retailer’s warehouse in their locality.

Their client required the office enclosure’s undercroft closed off with an infill to expand the existing office area.


The existing white wall was fire-rated for 120 minutes. Stancold were to match the fire rating and the panel system, and integrate the infill with the existing fire-stopping.

Our team proposed a solution allowing re-certification of the existing installation to LPCB 1208 standards as per insurance requirements.

Project Delivery

Stancold’s first task was to dismantle the existing cover strips to allow further works. The installation team noticed an issue with the existing structure, finding timber boards as a part of what was certified as a fire-rated wall.

Experience in on-site problem-solving allowed us to rectify the issue. Removing the boards from the wall and redesigning the infill to incorporate these changes were necessary. Stancold teams facilitated our client’s tight deadline and completed the build in two days, achieving the specified 120FR for the final solution.

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Excellent, proactive work from the team to solve on-site challenges.

Rich Chaplin, Construction Manager
Building UseWarehousing & Distribution
Panel CoreMineral Fibre
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness100 mm
Panel Requirements128 m²
ServicesLPCB-regulations expertise
Problem-solving approach
Quick turnaround