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How Modular Can Help Your Business Move Forward

Modular Build Facilities

In today’s modern society, circumstances within any industry can change at the drop of the hat, whether that be down to ongoing consumer trends or unforeseen breaking news. Businesses need to react quickly in these situations to be able to continue to meet clients’ demands.

It could be a nationwide shortage of a specific vaccination or the introduction of new medical guidelines for the production of vitamins, but situations like this mean pharmaceutical businesses must adapt their operations accordingly. This results in the need for additional facilities to cope with increased activity, and they need it fast.

When this is the case, the integration of modular-build rooms allow for businesses to quickly transform otherwise vacant space into controlled environments suitable for production, testing and storage.

So, how does this type of build prove valuable during spikes in demand?


Modular builds are commonly offered at standard sizes, which means that there is plenty of scope for expansion, should the space and need allow. By adding on extra modules in this way, the designated area caters for an increased workload. With an efficient build-time, facilities like this can be considered at any time; where a single area may only be required today, this could be tripled or even quadrupled within a year if needed. Similarly, should demand return to a more manageable level, these modular facilities are easily dismantled, recycled or relocated.

Rapid Construction

As a prefabricated solution, lead times are often short, so materials can be on site in no time. Made from pre-finished and pre-cut insulated panels, there is no cutting and therefore produces little mess during installation, making sure the process is as smooth as possible. This can be achieved while other areas of the site remain operational, so very minimal disruption caused throughout.


Where budget is consideration, this type of solution is ideal for getting suitable hygienic facilities for a fraction of a bespoke build, especially when it is needed quickly or even as part of a feasibility study. Experienced contractors, such as Stancold, will work within clients’ budgets to provide the most suitable arrangements to ensure demand can be met efficiently.


Where the standard ‘box’ may not be quite enough, it’s just as easy to customise and upgrade facilities to suit individual business needs. At an additional cost and lead time, HVAC systems can be installed to achieve ISO standard cleanroom environments while refrigeration units can achieve chilled or frozen temperatures. A range of alternative doors and vision panels are also available, suited to client requirements.

An easily customisable approach to adapting to customer requirements, such solutions are easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, meaning they can slot straight into the rest of the controlled environments on site.

Stancold have over 70 years of experience in installing insulated panel systems suitable for modular-build facilities across the United Kingdom. Our expert team will take care of every aspect of the design and supply of materials, while our reliable in-house installers work carefully yet efficiently on site to hand over a fully operational facility, in as little as two weeks.

For more information on our modular work for pharmaceuticals, please give Mark Kendrick a call on 07585 301 425 or send us an enquiry.

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