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pet food factory

Keeping Man’s Best Friend Healthy: The Regulations Surrounding UK Pet Food Manufacturing

It goes without saying that our food manufacturing clients have many regulations and standards to meet when it comes to their facilities. BRC and SALSA guidelines are meant to keep food producers’ facilities and products as safe and well-maintained as possible to best serve consumers. But those regulatory bodies are of course for humans, so […]

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Energy Efficiency Cold Store Construction

Optimising Energy Efficiency in Cold Storage Construction

Energy efficiency is a topic on everybody’s lips right now, thanks to not only the UK Government’s net-zero target of 2050, but more recently because of spiralling energy costs affecting both personal and business finances of most of the population. As we are continually presented with a range of options to keep our homes as […]

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Cultured Meat; food laboratory

Cultured Meat & The Growing Role of the Laboratory in the Food Industry

When the world’s first laboratory-grown burger was presented and tasted in London back in 2013, this sparked a rumour of such products being commercially available as soon as 2020. With a worldwide pandemic then thrown into the mix, this prediction was maybe a little too premature, but it certainly doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t […]

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Best Food Factory Design

Optimising the Best Design For Your Food Production Facility

When business is booming and your facility is working at its maximum production capacity, expanding your space is a sensible next step in ensuring that you can continue to meet client demand. Whether this involves expanding within your existing premises or taking on an additional site, it goes without saying that there is a lot […]

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Stancold offering food-safe PIR panel systems

From Polystyrene to PIR Panels – How Far Have We Come?

Stancold’s more than 70 years of experience in installing composite panel systems mean that we have seen the industry evolve and take shape into what it is today. This has included technical advancements in new panel manufacturing processes, creating products to provide the most suitable solutions to our clients. Over the last 40 years, there […]

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The gin craze continues

Gin Distilleries – What’s Next for the Modern Tipple?

Behind almost every bar across the country, gin bottles of all shapes and sizes line the shelves, ready to be picked, poured and paired with an array of mixers and garnishes. Whether it’s a simple tonic combination or a fruitier cocktail, many exclusive gin clubs and even local pubs now offer extensive menus, showcasing some […]

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Food trends in 2019

Keeping Up with Current Trends – How Can Food Manufacturers Do More?

Food trends are changing at a rate of knots. Over recent years, consumers have become much savvier in their choices when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies and what they want to know from food manufacturers. From vegetarianism and veganism to allergy awareness, the UK’s dietary requirements are now more intricate, where […]

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Mortuary chiller image

Industry Spotlight: Mortuary Chillers

Winter is often a very difficult time for the country’s health service. With the weather getting colder and immune systems weakening during this time, hospital admissions generally rise and unfortunately so do the number of deaths. The Office for National Statistics noted that during the 2016 to 2017 Winter period, there were an estimated 34,300 […]

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