pet food factory

Keeping Man’s Best Friend Healthy: The Regulations Surrounding UK Pet Food Manufacturing

It goes without saying that our food manufacturing clients have many regulations and standards to meet when it comes to their facilities. BRC and SALSA guidelines are meant to keep food producers’ facilities and products as safe and well-maintained as possible to best serve consumers. But those regulatory bodies are of course for humans, so […]

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Walk-On Capabilities in Cleanroom Ceilings: A Crucial Aspect of Design and Safety

When it comes to cleanroom construction, every detail matters. CREST’s role as architectural cleanroom envelope contractor sees the design of ceilings with walk-on capabilities bear pivotal importance on the direct impact of the functionality and safety of such highly controlled environments. An often overlooked but critical component, CREST delve into why walk-on ceilings are such […]

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Pharma Cold Store

The Importance of N+1 Redundancy in Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Facilities

For pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers within the medical industry, the need to store products safely and efficiently is more vital than any other. Where the stability and integrity of such goods can be rendered ineffective or even dangerous if not regulated appropriately, this could result in significant financial loss for the business concerned. The implementation […]

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Energy Efficiency Cold Store Construction

Optimising Energy Efficiency in Cold Storage Construction

Energy efficiency is a topic on everybody’s lips right now, thanks to not only the UK Government’s net-zero target of 2050, but more recently because of spiralling energy costs affecting both personal and business finances of most of the population. As we are continually presented with a range of options to keep our homes as […]

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High Volume Battery Production Facility

Electric Vehicle Battery Technology & Gigafactories: The Race is On

Just nine months ago, the UK Government accelerated plans for the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, where the target was brought forward by Boris Johnson from 2040 to 2030. There are some exceptions though, which include plug-in hybrid and full hybrid models that will have a five-year extension. Ultimately, this forms a major […]

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Cultured Meat; food laboratory

Cultured Meat & The Growing Role of the Laboratory in the Food Industry

When the world’s first laboratory-grown burger was presented and tasted in London back in 2013, this sparked a rumour of such products being commercially available as soon as 2020. With a worldwide pandemic then thrown into the mix, this prediction was maybe a little too premature, but it certainly doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t […]

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Battery Component Assembly Rooms

Why Choose A Specialist Cleanroom Architectural Envelope Contractor?

Would rather watch our video version? It goes without saying that cleanroom projects require a different approach to more traditional panel-build applications. Due to the stringent nature of the environment and their applications, such as vaccine production, testing of infectious diseases and lithium battery manufacture, particular attention must be paid to the construction of these […]

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Temperature Controlled Marshalling Area; food manufacturing factories; Chilled Warehouse Construction; business models

Just-in-Time vs Just-in-Case Business Models – Where Are We Heading?

It’s without a doubt that every single UK business has been touched by the events of the last year in one way or another. Whether it has been major supermarkets experiencing product demand like never before throughout lockdowns or manufacturers hastily reviewing and implementing new import and export procedures, the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing Brexit […]

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Health & Safety

Overcoming the Challenges of Health & Safety in 2020

Health and safety excellence has been an area that the Stancold team always strives to achieve. The extraordinary circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us, meant that, like many other businesses in the construction industry and beyond, processes have had to be reconsidered and stepped up significantly to keep everyone safe. As Stancold’s […]

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