Cold Store & Firewalls



The Costain Group is one of the UK’s leading construction companies. It’s an international engineering and construction group with a reputation for technical excellence.


Stancold worked with Costain Bristol, to provide firewall and partition solutions at a defence aerospace factory. Total panel requirement: 4639 m².

Location Leyton Marshes Business Park, Leyton
Building Use Defence Aerospace Factory
Panel Core Mineral Fibre & PIR
Panel Supplier Trimo; Kingspan
Panel Thickness Firewalls 120mm, Lining Panels 60mm (Walls and Ceilings), Walls 80mm, Cleaning Room 100mm
Fire Rating 30 Min, 1 Hour
U-Value 120mm – 0.32 watts/m²K, 60mm – 0.61 watts/m²K, 80mm – 0.28 watts/m²K, 100mm – 0.22 watts/m²K
Panel Weight 120mm – 24.5 kg/m², 60mm – 17.3 kg/m², 40 kg/m³
Panel Facing White Cleanable PVC Food-Safe Laminate Finish
Door Requirements 2 Hinged Chiller Door, 3 Hinged Emergency Exit Chiller Door