Cold Rooms for Fish Processing Area

Project Link / Flying Fish


Stancold were appointed by Project Link, food industry construction experts, to assist with the extension and refurbishment of a large fish processing and preparation area for Flying Fish Seafoods in Cornwall. Flying Fish Seafoods are suppliers of high-quality fish to restaurants and hotels all over the South and West of England.


The requirements were over two phases; the first phase was to form a chilled fish preparation area in the newly built extension. The second phase was to rip out and reinstall a new chill store and processing area linked to the newly built preparation area. The lobster unit was part of an additional phase added later in the project.

Project Delivery

Causing no disruption to production and observing strict site requirements, Stancold worked closely with Project Link over three phases to meet tight deadlines. The creation of suitable temperature-controlled fish processing and a preparation area enables Flying Fish Seafoods to grow its product line with lobster products.

Andy Connell

The installers were excellent. Overall, a good experience.

Chris Smith, Project Link
ProjectFish Processing Facility
LocationIndian Queens, Cornwall
Building UseFish & Seafood Wholesale and Distribution
Panel CorePIR
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness80mm; 100mm
Panel FacingWhite Foodsafe Finish
Panel Requirements640 m²
OtherSuspended Ceilings, Sliding Chiller and Personnel Doors