Hygienic & Fire-Rated Panels for Seafood Processing Facility, London

Seafood and Eat It!


Stancold was selected for this project because of our experience in the seafood industry, understanding of the project requirements and good communication with the project management team.


We worked with Seafood and Eat It as their design for the proposed mezzanine floor developed, ensuring we still met all their requirements. We installed a series of rooms to create a new seafood processing facility for crab meat, which included freezer, chiller and refrigeration rooms and a blast chiller. The installation also required a whitewall panelled office space.

Project Delivery

To ensure protection for the mezzanine floor, we installed an independently suspended fire-rated ceiling which was tightly fitted to the existing ceiling. We continued to adapt to the client’s wishes as the project developed, installing the 2.00m x 2.00m x 3.40m high chiller upstairs where it will be used for testing.

The Stancold Food Projects team used their technical knowledge and product expertise to create this suite of rooms for this seafood processing facility, using both Kingspan and Eurobond panels. The installation was finished on time.

Due to the success of this project, Stancold has maintained a strong working relationship with the team at Seafood and Eat It.

Andy Connell

A great example of our flexibility to changing plans and design

Sam Glover, Contracts Manager, Stancold
LocationHeathrow, London
Building UseSeafood Processing
Panel CoreMineral Fibre Cored Panel
Panel SupplierKingspan and Eurobond
Panel Thickness80mm & 100mm
Panel Requirements973m²
ServicesFree Consultation
Detailed Quotations
Site Surveys
CAD Design
Project Management