Chilled Loading Bay for Food Distributor, Dorset

Hunts Foods


As a thriving food service business, our client, Hunts Food Service, needed to increase their chilled capacity, loading capacity and marshalling areas to cope with peak demands. As Stancold had worked with Hunts in the past, we were delighted to work with them to deliver a solution for their chilled loading bay project.


Stancold visited the specific Hunts site on several occasions to understand the restrictions and also developed a design, budget and build programme with our client’s on-site team. After several revisions and amendments, a final scheme was settled and the budget was fixed.

Project Delivery

Kingspan KS1100 CS Quadcore wall panels enclosed the existing exposed canopy and provided valuable insulation as well as protection from the elements, which were cut to suit the variety of existing floor levels. During the summer, the heat underneath the canopy was putting an extra burden on the low-temperature cold store. Our solution of creating a chilled loading bay not only added capacity but enabled the cold store to work more efficiently.

The client’s builder had created the extended additional loading bay areas for us to install our new dock levellers, loading bay doors, retractable dock shelters and traffic light systems.

The project was completed with our rapid rise, sectional up and over and personnel doors.

Andy Connell

You did a professional job, we’re very likely to use you again

Mike Douche, Hunts Foods
Building UseFood Distribution
Panel CorePIR
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness100mm, 150mm
Panel Facing0.7mm Weather Resistant Pre-Finished, 0.5mm Shallow Profile Polyester Finish
Panel Requirements1101m²
Doors/FloorRapid Rise Chiller Door, Hinged Chiller Door