Divisional Wall for a Medical Equipment Manufacturer



Intersurgical, a global manufacturer of devices for respiratory care, reached out to Stancold to commission a divisional wall to separate production and storage areas.

Our client’s Facilities Manager recommended composite panels to their leadership team, who had never used such materials before. The essential factor was the non-disruptive installation method and Stancold’s guarantee for the facility to remain partially operational.


Having conducted a site visit, Stancold proposed a non-fire-rated solution based on Kingspan Quadcore panels. The team recommended a set of rapid-rise doors to further limit dust from spreading around the critical parts of the warehouse.

Stancold’s sales & estimating teams delivered a satisfactory quotation, but the client’s yearly budget planning forced them to delay the project. Thanks to our commitment, we heard back from the client a year later.

Project Delivery

The build was completed in ten days, serving as an exemplary introduction to composite-panel-based construction to the client’s leadership team. Impressed by Stancold’s flexibility, efficiency, and the quality of the installation they decided to switch to such solutions for future projects.

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We are extremely impressed with Stancold. The focus the team gave the project and their adaptability were brilliant. They will be my company of choice in the future.

Richard Howse, Facilities Manager
Building UseMedical Equipment Manufacturing
Panel CoreQuadcore
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness100 mm
Panel Requirements372 m²
ServicesProject-specific consultation
Non-disruptive installation
Flexible build schedule