Two Hour Separation Firewall For Army Barracks, Wiltshire

Jordan & Faber Ltd


Jordan & Faber Ltd, a construction contractor based in Dorset, came to Stancold after winning the tender for the refurbishment of an army barracks site in Wiltshire.


With Stancold specified as the preferred supplier of the fire-rated partitioning for this project, we worked closely with Jordan & Faber Ltd to install one separation wall, dividing space that would be used for garaging military vehicles.


To achieve a fire rating of up to two hours, the team installed Eurobond Mineral Fibre 100mm panels to form the partition. This was accompanied by fireboarding to the steel head to ensure complete fire protection across the whole structure.

This project was completed successfully on time and within budget.

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Another successful project with a construction contractor

Edwin Drew, Stancold Project Manager
Building UseArmy Barracks
Panel CoreMineral Fibre
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness100mm
Panel Requirements101m²
ServicesProject Management
Site Surveys
Design Advice