Non-Fire-Rated Enclosure

Advanced Manufacturer


An advanced manufacturing company from Dorset reached out to Stancold, looking to enclose a space in their old warehouse and make it fit their current standards.


We took on a turnkey contract to deliver the 364 m² box. Due to the building’s limitations, part of the scope included putting in place the steelworks to support the panels.

Stancold engaged a third-party supplier to design a purposefully-built steel frame. Rather than placing panels adjacent to existing columns, we commissioned and oversaw the design & build of a fit-for-purpose solution to form a self-standing structure, liaising with the subcontractor on value-engineering their works to our requirements.

Project Delivery

The client’s strict production schedule meant our team had to adapt the installation process, necessitating a phased delivery with multiple visits. This required the space to be partially usable before completion, demonstrating the flexibility and modularity of composite-panel-system-based builds.

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Great work from the team proving we can successfully deliver a project outside of our comfort zone

Sam Glover, Stancold Project Service Manager
Building UseAdvanced manufacturing
Panel CoreQuadcore
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness100 mm
Panel Requirements821 m²
ServicesProject management
Bespoke, turnkey solution
Flexible delivery schedules