Research Laboratories

Johnson Matthey


Johnson Matthey are a leading international chemicals and precious metals company headquartered in London.


Stancold were contracted to build 2 research laboratories the area of 72m² and 36m², ladder enclosure and suspended ceiling in a high security environment.


In the absence of a structural beam, Stancold have created a specialist galvanised angle to suspend the ceiling from. The walk-on ceiling has provided the customer with easy access to their pipework ring main, thus reducing potential downtime in production areas. The ladder enclosure has provided excellent dust control which is of particular importance due to the product inspection requirements.

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Mark Wall, Johnson Matthey
ProjectResearch Laboratories
Building UseFabricating Products Made of Precious Metals
Panel CoreMineral Fibre
Panel SupplierEurobond
Panel Thickness100mm, 75mm, 50mm
Panel FacingPVC White Food-Safe Laminate
Door RequirementsFire Rated Hinged Doors, Bespoke Locking System