What is an Unclassified Cleanroom?

Unclassified cleanrooms (or clean not classified cleanrooms) are used in the pharmaceutical and specialist manufacturing industries that require a clean space to prevent contamination from dust or other external pollutants or exercise control over humidity and temperature. However, they don’t need to reach the minimum EU GMP Class D or ISO 9 standards for classification.

The requirements of these controlled environments are similar to that for a cleanroom, it’s simply that the standards are not as rigorous and the clean room will not be audited.

They still require a level of control over the environment inside the room which can include:

  • Temperature control using insulated panels
  • Pressurisation to ensure contaminated air doesn’t enter
  • Separation from any potential areas which are not of cleanroom standard
  • Humidity to prevent bacteria growth, water absorption, static or metal corrosion

There are many circumstances in which a cleanroom will be clean but not classified. This controlled environment could be a separate manufacturing or packing area that is kept clean, free from odour, dust and other potential contaminants.

We can help you to design and build your unclassified cleanroom, creating a bespoke solution that meets your operational goals.

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