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Why Choose A Specialist Cleanroom Architectural Envelope Contractor?

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It goes without saying that cleanroom projects require a different approach to more traditional panel-build applications. Due to the stringent nature of the environment and their applications, such as vaccine production, testing of infectious diseases and lithium battery manufacture, particular attention must be paid to the construction of these facilities in order remain free of airborne contaminants. One major consideration is the cleanroom architectural envelope; including, but not limited to the facility’s walls, ceilings, floors, doors and vision panels.

Whether a cleanroom requires a positive or negative air pressure, the installation method must be adapted to suit, ensuring that quality is at the forefront of completion. This requires the greatest care to be taken at the design stage too, to meet the ISO, EU GMP or Containment Level standards of the specification.

A specialist cleanroom architectural envelope contractor, such as CREST, can confidently undertake this element within a turnkey project, providing a robust solution that meets the bespoke performance requirements of the application. Let’s take a look at the key credentials required from the team in order to make this happen:

Dedicated Expertise & Experience

Thanks to an adept track record in the industry, being able to allocate a committed team of colleagues, with a focus solely on cleanroom envelope construction, allows us to dedicate the time to fully understand the technicalities and products that are required for this type of specialist work.

When it comes to involvement in new projects, this expert team will work tirelessly to independently recommend cleanroom panel solutions that they know inside and out, individually suited to the environment’s specification and functionality. They will be an integral voice right from project inception, working as part of the project’s design team and later collaborating with appointed contractors within the wider M&E and HVAC scope of works.

Trusted Supply Chain

Through years of construction experience, within cleanrooms and beyond, contractors have built on strong relationships with panel system manufacturers to successfully work together and gain vital insights into new product innovations. Where more complex elements of a cleanroom envelope project require a bespoke solution, working closely with trusted suppliers results in a collaborative and forward-thinking approach to problem-solving.

As with any time-sensitive construction project, supplier trust in terms of flexibility and reliability once an order has been placed is also an incredibly important aspect in maintaining a strong relationship. Through partnering with a chain that possesses such qualities, this always ensures a timely and efficient cleanroom completion.

Reliable Project Delivery

As demonstrated in the points above, contractors of this calibre are committed to understanding the attention-to-detail that such bespoke environments require, allowing them to stand out from a very crowded market of panel-build ‘specialists’.

By offering honest advice from the earliest stages and undertaking a methodical planning approach to the build, they are able to work efficiently and flexibly within the programme schedule once work commences, completing state-of-the-art facilities using tried and tested techniques that they know work well.

Working with a Cleanroom Envelope Specialist  

In engaging with a specialist cleanroom contractor, such as CREST, each aspect of the facility’s core build is guaranteed to be efficiently taken care of. From comprehensive site surveys during the early stages of the project, to RAMS and technical submittals later down the line, everything is under control right through to the final handover, reducing time delays and removing unnecessary intermediaries to free up clients’ workloads to focus on other areas of the project.

The Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team have the unrivalled expertise and problem-solving capabilities required in the construction of cleanroom structures for critical environments. Our colleagues’ adaptable and open approach to projects ensure that bespoke specifications can be achieved to create envelopes that meet ISO, GMP and Containment Level standards.

To discuss our offering in further detail with our specialist, Mark Kendrick, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07585 301425 or send us an enquiry.

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