Industrial Battery Manufacturing Centre – Internal Fit-Out

Merit Holdings


Coventry’s UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) is a new state-of-the-art facility to support the research, development and evolution of high-volume manufacturing of advanced battery technology. For use initially within electric vehicle production before scaling more widely, this Government-funded space will help support the UK’s move to become a low carbon economy.

Due to Stancold’s technical expertise and innovative approach, we were engaged by Merit Holdings in the early stages to develop and assist the design.


As a multi-discipline contractor of over 70 years, our knowledge of temperature and humidity-controlled environments, thorough understanding of passive fire construction and exclusive cleanroom technical strengths enabled us to work tirelessly and collaboratively with suppliers and the client’s projects team to ensure a robust ‘right-first-time’ solution to meet the onerous specification:

• ISO 8 cleanroom condition
• -73°C dew point supply & -60°C dew point return
• Temperature 21 +/-2°C
• Ambient air humidity as low as 0.5%
• 60-minute fire-rating
• Static dissipative


Stancold’s exclusive cleanroom installation team completed the construction of 31 assembly rooms including:

• Anode and cathode mixing facilities
• Anode and cathode calendering areas
• Material airlocks, personnel airlocks and changing rooms
• Pouch assembly and filling
• Linking corridors

This accommodated two main production lines running parallel throughout the building, complete with ageing ovens for the final stage.

A mix of insulated and fire-rated products were used, along with specialist detailing to ensure that the installation passed the rigorous commissioning and testing procedures, vital for such a sensitive manufacturing process. ‘Free-spanning’ panels in excess of 9m were integrated into the design by Stancold, thus eliminating the need for tonnes of secondary steel, whilst still ensuring the fire rating was achieved.

All panel systems and ancillaries were meticulously colour-matched and complete with a 120-micron PVC laminate finish for a seamless integration and maintenance of cleanliness throughout. Openings were carefully created to allow machinery to pass through each area and neighbouring link corridor.

With a build time of 10 months, our team worked tirelessly from project conception to the final handover to develop, supply and install an envelope that would meet the complex specification required for this new generation of high-end and high-volume manufacturing.

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Stancold went above and beyond in demonstrating our capabilities

Lee Duffield, Senior Contracts Manager
Building UseHigh-Volume Battery Production
Panel CoreQuadcore; Mineral Fibre
Panel SupplierKingspan; Eurobond
Panel Thickness100mm; 150mm; 175mm
Panel Requirements6020m²
ServicesBespoke Design Details
Exclusive Cleanroom Install Team
Independent Specialist Contractor