Hygienic Bottling Facility

AB InBev


Interbrew, part of the InBev Group, employs over 3,500 people and operates across five breweries in the UK. The Magor Brewery is responsible for the production, processing and bottling of Stella Artois, one of the most recognisable brands in the history of the alcohol industry.


Interbrew approached the Stancold Food Projects team to design, supply and install a layout of composite insulated panels to form a hygienic bottling facility for the beer brand.

Over a process of extensive on-site consultation, Stancold worked with Interbrew to create the optimal whitewall layout for the bottling facility.

Project Delivery

Stancold’s Food Projects Installation team were able to install the whitewall facility to finish the hygienic bottling facility to the client’s exact specifications.

The project was completed without having to majorly alter the client’s schedule and production timeline.

Andy Connell

LocationMagor, Wales
Building UseAlcoholic Beverage Production
Panel Core150mm Mineral Fibre (up to 2-Hour Fire Rating)
Panel FacingWhite Steel Face with Food-Safe PVC Laminate
Panel Requirements3000m²
Door Requirements3 Hinged Chill & 1 Sliding Chill