Freezer, Chiller & Distribution Centre

Newberry International


As a supplier and distributor, Newberry International Produce were looking to build a factory in Gloucestershire to make UK distribution easier.


The full turnkey works with 1099m² of panelling. A coldstore freezer with mobile racking to store stock and three chiller rooms for preparation of the client’s produce. Alongside this was a packing room and loading dock with direct access.


Stancold organised the complete build from ground works, building the freezer and chiller rooms, refrigeration, flooring, lighting and floor slabs with appropriate ramps. We also designed and built a solution to allow a loading bay direct from outside the building into the freezer, a difference in temperature up to 60 degrees.

This was all installed into the existing building shell and at the same time not limiting the client’s current business operations.

Contact details for Patrick Ball, Divisional Development Manager

Co-ordinating multiple trades and the design of the mobile racking were the biggest challenges on this project. Fortunately, the expertise of our contractors and flexibility of the client meant the project went seamlessly.

Bob Bryant, Project Manager, Stancold
Location Gloucestershire
Building Use Food Production and Distribution
Panel Core PIR
Panel Supplier Kingspan
Panel Thickness 80mm & 150mm
Panel Facing White Cleanable Laminated Food-Safe Finish
Panel Requirements 1099m²
Fire Rating 30 & 60 minute
Other Mobile Racking, Heavy Duty Sliding Doors, External Load House