Savoury Fruits Processing Area

Yeo Valley Organic


Yeo Valley is one of the UK’s premier dairy producers, operating four sites throughout the Southwest. Stancold has a strong working history with Yeo Valley of over twenty years, helping them with multiple builds and maintenance projects each year. We are proud to be the preferred fit-out partner of Yeo Valley.


The team at Yeo Valley approached us to design and build a new whitewalled processing area for their savoury fruit projects within an unused space at their Crewkerne facility, to be built on existing flooring.

Stancold’s team worked with the client to create a cost-efficient design for the processing facility over multiple revisions that met the client’s various requirements. Stancold’s installers would have to work around a drainage project in progress at the facility during the same timescale.

Project Delivery

Stancold were on site for three weeks to install the processing area exactly to the client’s specifications. The processing area included over 700m² of Kingspan panelling, capped openings for existing doors, a new door fit, and suspension from the existing ceiling for the new area’s ceiling.

Also, Stancold installed safety railings on the ceiling of the new facility so that the client’s team could safely carry out maintenance on the whitewalled roof of the area.

Andy Connell

Another successful project for our good friends at Yeo Valley!

Sam Glover, Senior Contracts Manager
Building UseDairy Producer
Panel CoreQuadcore
Panel SupplierKingspan
Panel Thickness80mm; 100mm
Panel Requirements702m²
ServicesExtensive On-Site Consultations
Unrivalled Technical Expertise
Coordination With Other Contractors