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How Does Stancold Guarantee High Quality Standards in Firewall Projects?


Our committed approach to maintaining high quality standards within our work is something that we are very proud of. Of course, this is only achieved thanks to the dedicated time and attention of our colleagues, that are focused to ensure that every aspect of their role, from internal processes through to site work, is completed to the highest standard possible.

Stancold’s Health, Safety & Quality Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of quality assurance for the business and utilises their expertise across our ongoing projects involving food facilities, cleanrooms and firewalls. To delve deeper into the processes that our team undertake within our firewall installations, we sat down with them to discuss the different requirements that must be met to ensure a high-quality build.

Through their work across the three industry sectors, this role holds a large knowledge base of the correct build procedures that are required for insulated panel construction. Ultimately, this is making sure that installations are carried out as per construction drawings as well as to the manufacturer’s specification. The team regularly carry out site visits to assess that this is being completed correctly and consistently, where the following aspects also contribute to the necessary inspections:

Panel Work

As the build progresses and panels are installed, a number of different surveys are completed to check the quality of the workmanship. This includes standard visual surveys to observe the construction process being followed as well as more invasive inspections that take a closer look at its finer details. This may involve temporarily removing flashings to assess behind. Alongside this, fixings and angles are checked to ensure they’re being used as per the agreed construction drawing.

Of course, health and safety is always factored into these visits and checks are completed on tools, within teams and across the workspace to make sure that the works are being undertaken safely at all times.

Quality Inspections

When any material delivery is made to site, such as panels, assessments must be completed to ensure that they are free from defects and in a suitable condition for construction. Of course, this is a key requirement for any project, but where passive fire protection is concerned, every individual element must fulfil its role in providing safety against the spread of flame and any damage could considerably jeopardise this.

A traceability tracker is also maintained and regularly updated in accordance with our suppliers’ quality control processes. Batch numbers and manufacturing dates of materials are always recorded so that they can be cross-referenced in the case of product recalls, faults or even for insurance purposes.

Installation Team

Our installation team are continually assessed across all projects to make sure that they have the right skills, competence and training to successfully complete all site-based work and are regularly invited to undertake additional upskill training. Where sub-contracted work is required, we work only with businesses on our approved supplier list.

For fire-rated projects where construction technique is more specific, an LPS 1500 certified installation team will carry out the build. By holding this accreditation, they have been able to demonstrate full competency in installing fire-rated compartmentation systems and are regularly assessed not only through our own internal processes, but also the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Project Handovers

As a project nears completion, Stancold’s Health, Safety & Quality Manager works together with the allocated Stancold project manager to successfully reach the final handover. Through a consultation with the client, any snagging works are identified and efficiently carried out to make sure the work meets the build specification and our client’s satisfaction. The installation team will also ensure that the site itself is left clean and tidy with no waste, all plant off-hired and any surplus materials removed.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 is an international standard that recognises the requirement for a robust quality management system within a business. It ensures that businesses consistently ‘provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements’, which doesn’t just involve work on site, but includes all internal processes, supplier audits and sub-contractor reviews. Where firewalls are concerned, meeting regulatory standards is of upmost importance to guarantee the safety of the finished product.

Stancold are very proud to have held our ISO 9001 accreditation for over 15 years and continually demonstrate improvements to our quality management system and the procedures that lie within it. This, alongside key on-site assessments for live projects, provides peace of mind for our clients that they’re always in a safe pair of hands.

For more information on our fire-rated partitioning systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialist, Shaun Jones, on 07821 152 663 or send an enquiry here.

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