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The Importance of Using LPS Certified Contractors

Stancold Are LPS Accredited Installers

When undergoing any major structural refurbishments within your business premises, finding the right contractor to complete the job is very important. Of course, their costs and reputation play a huge part in the process, but proven experience and qualifications in the field are second to none. Where structures are installed to protect personnel, products and buildings from the devastation of fire, this should be considered an absolute necessity, to ensure that the integrity and installation technique of such work is not compromised under any circumstances.

It’s becoming more and more common for insurance contracts containing firewalls to be certified to LPS 1531 as a key requirement, as opposed to the standard Building Regulations. Therefore, the appointed installation contractor must be able to provide the relevant LPS 1531 certification documents at the project’s sign-off in order to adhere to the insurance policy.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s interesting that even in today’s climate, many main contractors within the industry are still cutting corners to reduce their costs. When it comes to the firewall element of the build, this can often be done by not checking a subcontractor’s accreditation and experience portfolio. Inevitably, this will only lead to complications later down the line, incurring unforeseen costs and certainly an unsatisfied client.

Your LPS Firewall Installation

A fire-rated partition required to meet LPS standards involves a higher level of complexity within the installation technique compared to Building Standards, demanding the need for specialist contractors to complete the work.

At handover, the installing firm must present certification documents to show that the installation has been completed in accordance with the standards in place. Failure to provide this can only lead to the assumption that the installation undertaken is not compliant with LPS 1531.

An LPS Certified Contractor

It’s true, they’re few and far between. Contractors, such as Stancold, that adhere to the full combination of LPS accreditations to install fire-rated partition systems, undergo extensive training to be able to successfully complete such work. The key areas:

  • LPS 1208 – LPCB fire resistance requirements for elements of construction used to provide compartmentation* (ie. the materials used)
  • LPS 1500 – Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of companies installing construction elements used to provide compartmentation in buildings* (ie. the partition itself)
  • LPS 1531 – Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of companies installing or applying passive fire protection products* (ie. the firestopping methods)

(*Source: RedBookLive)

A contractor boasting all three of the above will be able to supply and install a fire-rated partition that not only meets the specifications set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) but provides full peace of mind on the integrity and quality of the structure.

Quality is driven into every aspect of our service, where we take great pride in being an ISO 9001 and LPS accredited contractor. For more information about Stancold’s LPS fire-rated partitioning systems, get in touch with us on 0117 316 7000 or send an enquiry here.

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