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The Importance of Aluminium Honeycomb Core in Cleanrooms

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As we’ve visited in a previous blog post, there is lots to consider when choosing the make-up of your cleanroom. Closely regulated environments used for pharmaceutical processing, medical device testing and research laboratories, amongst others, are critical to preventing airborne particles from causing contamination to the processes inside.

What Is Aluminium Honeycomb Core? 

Aluminium honeycomb core is a fully recyclable, non-combustible and lightweight building material, used across a number of industries including public transport, the nautical sector and in construction, including the installation of cleanrooms. Aluminium honeycomb makes up the central layer of the sandwich panel, hence the name, and due to its excellent strength to weight ratio, these materials are often used as flooring, ceilings, doors, partitions and even work surfaces.

Using Aluminium Honeycomb Core for Cleanroom Construction

Aluminium honeycomb core can be used as partitions to form new cleanroom suites, using bespoke measurements and installing HVAC and HEPA filters to achieve the desired classification. Alternatively, they can be used as wall liners within an existing facility to transform an area into a classified clean environment.

  • Ensuring Cleanroom Validity 

In a busy environment such as a pharmaceutical facility, a materials transportation trolley can bump and potentially pierce the walls of the cleanroom or airlock. While the chances of this happening are often very slim, a facility made from shedding materials such as Mineral Fibre or PIR cored panels will be immediately invalidated should damage occur.

  • Achieving Any Cleanroom Classification 

Aluminium honeycomb core panels can be used to achieve any standard of cleanroom, building a facility that is structurally sound and adheres to classifications ISO 1-9. This detail, when used with the flush system components, enables the environment to be easily upgraded at any point, just by carrying out changes to the HVAC and HEPA equipment to suit.

Stancold are specialist installers of a number of systems that work with FM Approved aluminium honeycomb core including Puracore and Kingspan. As part of our bespoke service, we can integrate flush vision panels, doors, recess bases, conduits and sockets to suit your requirements and form comprehensive cleanroom facilities of ISO 7+.

If you’d like to know more about how we use aluminium honeycomb panels for our cleanroom installations, please get in touch to discuss with our expert team or give us a call on 0117 316 7000.

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