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One-Hour Firewalls & Doors Package for New Basingstoke Production Facility

We’re pleased to report that significant progress is being made in Basingstoke this month as our LPS approved firewall installation team undertake partitioning work within a new-build production facility.

Through the project’s main contractor, Stancold assume responsibility for the full partitioning and doors package, which includes composite panelling for all walls and ceilings and nearly 30 doors. This will form a number of different areas within the new facility, including material air locks, a spray dryer room and smaller control and changing rooms.

The project requires one-hour firewalls to be constructed utilising both horizontal and vertical installations where internal heights vary. Thanks to its superior fire-rated properties and spanning capabilities, Eurobond’s Firemaster system was the most suitable material option to meet the requirements.

The team have had a lot of complex details to cater for within this scope of works, including the extensive use of spread of flame details at the head of the walls to meet insurer’s requests. Through Stancold’s unrivalled understanding and construction expertise of such intricacies, they have been able to reliably advise our client and the appointed architect on achieving an appropriate design to ensure fire integrity.

Alongside other composite partitioning work, the full doors package will see a range of Eurobond single and double, fire-rated and non-fire-rated personnel doors seamlessly integrated into the newly formed walls.

We look forward to reporting back again near completion.

For more information on our work within industrial partitioning and to discuss details of an upcoming project, please get in touch with our expert, Shaun Jones, on 07821 152 663 or send us an enquiry.