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Keeping Man’s Best Friend Healthy: The Regulations Surrounding UK Pet Food Manufacturing

pet food factory

It goes without saying that our food manufacturing clients have many regulations and standards to meet when it comes to their facilities. BRC and SALSA guidelines are meant to keep food producers’ facilities and products as safe and well-maintained as possible to best serve consumers. But those regulatory bodies are of course for humans, so what about pet food manufacturing?

You might be surprised to know that regulations for pet food factories are just as stringent as those for regular food. So, if you have ever felt that your relationship with your pet(s) is just as important as your human relationships, the UK government agrees!

Pet food factory and distribution regulations in the United Kingdom used to be heavily influenced by FEDIAF, the European Union’s leading body for pet food manufacturing, and even after BREXIT many of the standards applied to UK manufacturers can be traced to FEDIAF.

These regulations are put into place to ensure that the food we give our beloved animals hasn’t been cross-contaminated with any prohibited or spoiled materials. For example, this could be mixing raw materials that have not been processed yet with finished products.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) are an executive agency sponsored by DEFRA and works to safeguard animal and plant health. Much like the BRCGS for food manufacturers (food intended for people that is), APHA/DEFRA give a seal of approval for manufacturing processes.

The approval process is based on the HAACP process of recognising and eliminating certain hazards and improving problematic production processes. Like normal food production regulations in place, the pet production regulatory bodies are looking for a separation in process for materials that could cause cross-contamination.

So how can Stancold help?

The forms of process improvement work we provide for food manufacturers can be applied to pet food manufacturers as well. If a manufacturer needs to change their whitewall layout or repair a section of whitewall or cold store area, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help them make those changes to pass a DEFRA audit/inspection.

Our Food Projects Specialists can help food producers achieve the highest level of operational excellence, whether they are producing food for people or our beloved animal companions!

Whatever your food facility is producing, drop the Stancold team a call with any whitewall or cold store enquiries:

📧 sales@stancold.co.uk

📞 0117 316 7000