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The Advantages of Cleanroom Supply & Installation

Stancold GMP Cleanroom

Where new cleanroom builds are required within the pharmaceutical, medical and high-end manufacturing industries, it is essential that they are completed to the highest quality and to the exact build specification. Where the processes undertaken within these facilities can be easily contaminated by airborne particles or are sometimes extremely hazardous, the greatest care must be taken at the cleanroom design and installation stages to ensure all ISO and GMP standards are met.

This is where supply & installation contractors are valuable, so that during large-scale fit-out projects, their expertise can be utilised to its full potential and provide a high-quality sterile solution based on the required specification.

Whether it’s for vaccine filling lines, medical device testing or electrical semiconductor production, commissioning a specialist cleanroom installation contractor has far more advantages than splitting the design, supply and build elements to individual businesses. Let’s take a look at the key benefits:

Expertise & Experience

Established cleanroom installation contractors, such as Stancold, have successfully built up many years of strong product knowledge and installation technique for cleanrooms of varying standards and applications. This enables them to comfortably provide reliable recommendations across many aspects of a project, including panel specifications and door schedules.

They will have technical information sheets readily available to ensure that all materials fit the project specification and classification.


When a supply and install contractor is appointed, ultimately, all activities surrounding the cleanroom installation become their responsibility. This includes all construction design work, ordering of materials, plant hire and on-site labour, fully managed and scheduled by the contractor. This is part and parcel of their standard service offering, so is a smooth process from start to finish. That being said, this also means that should there be any issues, defects or challenges that occur during the project, the employed contractor will ensure that they are rectified as soon as possible.

Supplier Relationships 

Many years of installation experience brings with it many years of strong supplier relationships, where working closely with cleanroom panel system manufacturers allow them to obtain favourable pricing and a continued bespoke yet reliable ordering service across every project.

It also means that suitable alternative contractors can be recommended for areas not covered by the cleanroom specialist themselves, including lighting and flooring.

Working with a Cleanroom Supply & Installation Contractor 

Through working with a specialist cleanroom contractor, each aspect of the facility’s core build is guaranteed to be efficiently taken care of. From a comprehensive site survey during the early stages of the project, to RAMS and technical submittals later down the line, everything is under control right through to the final handover. The contractor’s dedicated project manager and co-ordination team work hard to make sure each stage is handled smoothly and accurately.

Stancold have decades of experience in working closely with principle contractors and engineering specialists across many cleanroom fit-out projects within the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Our unrivalled technical and installation expertise allows us to confidently supply and build ISO and GMP standard cleanroom environments, utilising long-standing supplier relationships and reliable CSCS-qualified on-site installers.

For more information about our cleanroom installations and how we can assist with your fit-out project, please get in touch with Mark on 07585 301 425 or send through an enquiry here.

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