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Stancold’s Composite Firewall Package Utilised Again Within Defence Sector

Stancold’s commitment to providing unrivalled passive fire protection solutions across the UK has continued in full force throughout the first quarter of 2021. The team have been working locally in Somerset to successfully carry out the turnkey firewall package within a specialist defence manufacturing facility.

After seeing our services utilised within the wider defence industry, this project’s main contractor approached Stancold as they knew we could offer a complete composite system, including all elements of wall construction, fireboarding, warranties and third-party fire certification. This was after being unable to get certification commitment from contractors providing an alternative jumbo stud and plasterboard wall specification.

The team worked hard to design and prepare for this intricate installation, where the project required one dividing wall with a 60-minute fire-rating, including on top of a concrete block wall. A unique head detail was developed to adhere to a specific steel head design within the building and further fireboarding allocated to protect all exposed structural frame.

Thanks to its superior thermal and acoustic properties, the Eurobond Firemaster panel system was best suited to meet the required performance of these works. As Stancold were responsible for the full package, the process also involved collaboration with other contractors on site to make allocations for penetrations.

This was another successful project, thanks to our team’s unrivalled understanding of composite fire-rated partitioning for technically challenging spaces.

For more information on Stancold’s work within the defence sector and beyond, please get in touch with our industrial partitions specialist, Shaun Jones, on 07821 152 663 or send an enquiry here.