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Installing Hygienic Panels for Milk Parlour Extension

As specialists in installing hygienic environments, we’ve worked with many businesses in the food & drink sector in our 72 years of existence. While we’ve installed food-safe solutions for the likes of breweries and food-to-go manufacturers, we’ve also worked with businesses operating in dairy products, installing factory expansions and new speciality cheese production facilities.

Stancold’s imminent new project is working with an existing client, a large Somerset farm with dairy facility, who have recently built a new unit to extend their services in milk production and processing. Within this building, hygienic panelling is required to form a milk plant room, holding tank and personnel spaces such as an office, kitchen and restrooms.

Around 200m² of Kingspan Quadcore 100mm food-safe panels will be installed in the facility, accompanied by a series of hinged personnel doors with vision panels, to ensure a completely hygienic and maintenance-free finish to the new milk extension.

This bespoke food-safe environment will be constructed over 5 days and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished result in October.

If you’d like a quick chat about upcoming plans to refurbish, extend or renovate your facilities and require a bespoke hygienic environment, get in touch with our food & drink specialist, Sam Taylor, on 07768 670 150 or drop us an enquiry here.