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Installing a Dual Compartment Poultry Room in Shropshire

As an established contractor in the food & drink industry for over 70 years, our experience spans across a range of food production sectors. This includes fire-rated partitioning for flour mills, hygienic cheese factory fit-outs and temperature-controlled marshalling areas for distribution.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to have been awarded another project within the poultry sector this month, where we’ll be working with an experienced local construction contractor in Shropshire to complete the build. As the chicken processing business are introducing new processing lines into their operations, they require complete segregation from the existing space, creating a dual compartment poultry room.

Kingspan’s Quadcore system was the best suited panel option for this project, as it provides a hygienic and cleanable wall finish, while looking aesthetically-pleasing to the eye. Working to the end user’s specification, a unique channel will be fabricated to create a gutter so that when walls are washed down, the excess can be efficiently drained. Where existing processing lines are in place, Stancold’s installation team will work around conveyors and equipment, in some tight spaces, and will also integrate three hinged chiller doors as per the project specification.

To date, the team have demonstrated flexibility to comfortably meet the end user’s needs, working collaboratively with the main contractor to meet all aspects of the design and construction requirements. We look forward to starting on site soon.

To discuss your project’s hygienic partitioning specification, get in touch with our food & drink specialist, Sam Taylor, on 07768 670 150 or send an enquiry to us here.