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Food Facility Fit-Out – Phase 3

Having built three storage areas at Albion Fine Foods’ new HQ in Dartford, our team has moved on to constructing a smaller meat chiller area with an office mezzanine.

Works are moving forward steadily, despite a small issue we found ourselves in…

We’re at a stage when access to our working areas is limited. Workaround wasn’t hard to find as our installers are well-versed in all the alternative applications a scissor lift can have.

Becky & Sam visited Dartford to chat with our gang, check on the build’s progress and enjoy a masterclass in precise forklift operations and teamwork.

In the meantime, the marketing team set out to show you the scale of the biggest of the areas we fitted out, the freezer. Saying it’s 1600 m² doesn’t do it justice. It’s the 15-metre height that gives you agoraphobia.

We proposed high-speed roller shutter doors – a standard in modern temperature-controlled facilities and perhaps their key piece. As a part of the turnkey package, Stancold is coordinating the installation of all refrigeration systems. Although we admit, our team was impressed by how the racking installed by third parties adds to the monumentalness of Albion Fine Foods facilities.

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