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Food Facility Fit-Out – Phase 2

We’re on the final stretch of our big project for a renowned food service provider, Albion Fine Foods. Stancold’s team has been hard at work fitting out their new HQ, enabling their growth for years to come, as our clients are bringing the company closer to their target market – London.

The area consists of 3 main temperature-controlled rooms. The biggest one, a 1600 m² freezer, is nearly complete, as we’re waiting for the concrete flooring to settle & cure before we can install the few final panels and put the doors in place.

The envelope for the two chillers totalling 1875 m² is also heading towards completion, with the team getting the area ready for our trusted flooring partners.

As we’re looking forward to completing the job, Stancold has already been tasked with designing & constructing a food-safe mezzanine to give our clients a true turnkey solution within one build.

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