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Fire-Rated Spatial Solution for Sweets Manufacturing Facility

When we think about the food industry, we assume it’s all fridges and freezers. An abattoir, however, would have different requirements than a cheese producer.


“The clients, a fit-out company specialising in high-end offices, needed assistance with a partition separating manufacturing and storage areas. We received the initial enquiry via our firewall quick-quote form and later found out the end user is a sweets manufacturer,” says Patrick Ball, Stancold’s Divisional Development Manager. “Having the in-house expertise in food- & fire-safe fit-outs always works to our client’s advantage – Shaun was the one holding the reins this time.”

Requirements included  LPS 1208 compliance for 120 mins fire rating, alongside a food-safe finish. “As often happens, the insurance company was heavily involved in issuing the firewall specifications. Negotiations were fierce,” says Shaun Jones, our industrial partitioning expert.

“Jokes aside – there is a significant difference in price and build time between 60, 120 and 240-minute ratings, so I always ensure our clients and the end users get what they need without overdoing anything. This considerate approach saves money and time. Works out better for all the parties!”

Having received the initial enquiry, Shaun priced further works within the same facility, due to commence at the end of April. “There is a section in the factory where the end user will house a starch-processing plant. The process generates quite a lot of heat, and the powder is highly combustible. Building a separate enclosure and making it fire-rated is the only logical choice if one is to keep the whole area safe – we were more than happy to help,” he sums up.

Both projects required close cooperation with the architects to work out steelwork details. Stancold’s project manager Rob White visited the site to confirm if up-rating components of the existing structure from FR60 to FR120 was possible.

Our team has started building the 1130 m² partition wall this week, while our designers are finalising the 140 m² starch room’s details for later installation.

Whether you’re a contractor needing assistance with components of a build or a business looking to fulfil fire-rated requirements in your facility, our team is here for you.

Email info@stancold.co.uk or use our firewall quick-quote calculator to get started!