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Challenging Environment Rebuilt for a Cheese Manufacturer

In 75 years of delivering excellence across the UK, Stancold has established many long-standing relations within the food industry. We were proud to be back at our client’s headquarters in Somerset, where they manufacture their range of well-renowned soft cheeses.


“We’ve been working with them for over 20 years, and at this point, we can safely say we are responsible for fitting out at least 75% of their facilities,” says Patrick Ball, Stancold’s food division expert. This time our team rebuilt a salt room, a key piece of their manufacturing process.

“Salting gives the cheese its taste while stopping bacteria and fungi growth. An operational salt room’s interior is an extremely toxic environment – one that you don’t want to be in for an extended amount of time, if at all,” Patrick continues.

Typically, panels & doors we installed in food facilities last decades, but in this case, had it been feasible, an area like this could benefit from a cleanroom-grade CL3 paneling solution we use in hazardous environments.

Sam Glover was Stancold’s project manager for this contract, returning to the site for what he assumes could be the 50th time he’s been there.

“We had been replacing elements of the salt room every few years during my 25 years at Stancold, and it’s not a typical food manufacturing environment,” says Sam Glover, Stancold’s project manager for the contract. “It’s nasty. Prolonged exposure to salt erodes the panels, and doors, damaging the protective film & paint. Jobs like these highlight how important it is to keep your food manufacturing facilities in shape and how difficult it can be to create products safe for consumption without unnecessary chemicals.”

We’re always pleased to support our long-lasting clients and see how we have helped them grow their businesses over the years. You’ll be hearing more about cheese manufacturing, as we’ve already planned four site visits next year!

Are you looking for a reliable food-industry fit-out partner who can commit to supporting your company’s growth in decades to come? Stancold is here for you. Get in touch with Patrick at pball@stancold.co.uk or call 07768 670150.