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Temperature Controlled Marshalling Area For Fast Food Logistics Provider

Stancold have started work in Coventry this month for the 7-week installation of a bespoke temperature-controlled marshalling area in a large food distribution hub.

Following a client recommendation, we will be working with a provider of commercial property solutions and in turn the end user, a logistics and distribution supplier that work specifically with a major fast food chain.

Having recently taken over the site in Coventry, the client is making modifications to various areas within the premises to better suit their operations. This includes the Stancold-built chilled marshalling area, where stock will be sorted and inspected after leaving a larger temperature-controlled facility in the warehouse. Stock will then be ready for loading into vehicles for delivery.

Several drawing revisions have been made during the pre-construction stages to accurately explore the design of the space. This has been aided by our team’s strong in-house technical knowledge and extensive experience in managing projects of this type. Due to the short timeframe required to start the work, a full site survey was then conducted by Stancold to confirm all elements of the build.

The project itself involves the installation of over 3500m² of food-safe insulated panels, supplied by market-leader Kingspan, alongside rapid rise freezer and chiller doors and vision panels. Stancold will also be integrating the facility’s existing sectional doors into the build as per the client’s request and incorporating the installation of fire suppression sprinklers into the intricate ceiling design.

Stancold have over 70 years of experience in installing bespoke temperature-controlled storage facilities, from large logistics warehouses to locally owned abattoirs. If you’d like to find out more information on our solutions, send an enquiry or give us a call on 0117 316 7000.