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Stancold’s Unrivalled Expertise Lands Our Next Intricate Cleanroom Project

Stancold’s strong expertise and experience in constructing controlled environments has been at the core of our business for over 70 years. In doing so, we have been able to work to our clients’ unique requirements more successfully than ever, where the specification demands greater levels of control and regulation.

With this in mind, our technical capabilities using cleanroom panel systems has rapidly diversified through or work where intricate production and storage processes are in place. Our next project follows this pattern, where Stancold will be working with a cleanroom contractor in a purpose-built advanced manufacturing centre.

As part of the works in Central England, Stancold will be responsible for the installation of a number of cleanrooms alongside dry cleanrooms offering extreme low humidity. To date, Stancold’s cleanroom specialist, Mark Kendrick, and our projects team have worked closely with the contractor to develop the very specific construction details that made up the end user’s requirements. This called for a number of design meetings and site surveys to ensure that every aspect of the works has been accurately compiled.

The project involves the construction of rooms that must hold a number of controlling properties; static dissipative (control over the flow of electric charges within the space), 60-minute fire-rated and extreme low humidity, all encompassed within a cleanroom environment. Currently an expansive empty warehouse, approximately 5500m² of Kingspan QuadCore insulated panels will be installed, alongside 1100m² of the Eurobond Firemaster Mineral Fibre system, creating areas that reach a height of 9m. In its entirety, the completed facilities will house manufacturing processes that will help to support the UK’s move to be a low carbon economy.

Stancold’s projects team are now working hard to prepare for the approximate 5-month installation, due to commence next month.

For more information on Stancold’s expertise of controlled environments and to discuss the needs of your business, get in touch with Mark Kendrick on 07585 301 425 or send us an enquiry here.