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Stancold’s Composite Firewall System Delivers for Industrial Park Partitioning

The advantages of utilising a fire-rated composite panel system in a firewall project are extensive; whether it’s the quick installation time or its maintenance-free finish, the system offers unrivalled passive fire protection for industrial applications.

This was taken into particular consideration as part of our next project, as Stancold prepare to undertake the construction of a 60-minute firewall within a large warehouse. Located in Swindon on an existing industrial site, Stancold formed a new relationship with the main contractor on this type of work, having previously worked together on a different scheme.

The benefits of a Stancold firewall system, as opposed to jumbo stud work, were a key part of the negotiations, where our industrial partitions specialist, Shaun Jones, was able to effectively outline these to our client. Being able to offer a system that boasted environmental sustainability with minimal onsite handling, but still guaranteed complete fire integrity validated via a third-party certification, was very important for this project.

Shaun was able to value engineer the proposed works to meet our client’s budget, also taking into account the quick turnaround time within their programme. This involved meetings on site, accompanied by Stancold’s Contracts Manager, James Hoy, where build details and timescales were confirmed. This included the existing fire treatment to the steel, meaning no fireboarding would be required as part of our works.

Once on site, the team will be constructing a fire-rated partition to achieve a 1-hour fire-rating, utilising Eurobond’s Firemaster Mineral Fibre panel system of 100mm thickness. Due to the height of the partition, a horizontal installation is required, which will be accompanied with fire batt and deflection to the head detail for maximum fire integrity to the structure.

With only a four-week period between pre-let meetings and the start date on site, Stancold’s projects team have been working hard to ensure everything is in place.

For more information on our composite firewall systems and how they can work for your partitioning project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shaun on 07821 670 150 or send your enquiry here.