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The Importance of Stancold’s South-Western Roots

Our history started 75+ years ago in South-Western England with early hand-made composite panels we installed in practically every food industry business local to our HQ in Bristol. While the times have slightly changed, we have not forgotten our humble roots.

The UK’s food manufacturing landscape is widely varied – massive, automated facilities on one side of the spectrum and artisan businesses on the other, equally important in the big picture.

“Making a difference feels good”, Rich Chaplin, Stancold’s Construction Manager, starts. “Sometimes these local jobs are the ones you’re the proudest of, especially when you see the brand on the shelf of your corner shop.”

Supporting up-and-coming food industry businesses in our locality has always been one of our priorities. We have recently taken it a step forward by strengthening our relationship with Taste of The West, an organisation we’ve been a member of for over a decade.

“My team is currently wrapping up a project that came to us from our networking efforts. A lovely company who hand-make the most delicious flapjacks I’ve ever had. They want to grow their business and decided to try composite panels as a quicker, less invasive way to adjust their production areas to their current needs. Ryan & Rhys have just completed an internal kitchen extension for them as the first step of their plans, with plenty more in the pipeline.”

We’re excited for our clients. Stancold have been there before and seen such companies flourish when given the space to grow.

Based in the South-Western England or Wales and thinking of expanding your food manufacturing business?


Click here to learn more about our partner Taste of the West.