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Introducing our Construction Manager Rich Chaplin

An overarching strategy is necessary, even having the most experienced veterans in the industry. We’ve been talking a lot about growth and expansion – one of the first steps to facilitate these was recruiting a Construction Manager to oversee our Food & Industrial Partitions divisions.


“I’ve always been a big picture guy,” starts Rich Chaplin, who joined Stancold last September. “But there was a lot I had to sink my teeth into before I could start thinking about new procedures and streamlining our project delivery. Quickly digesting the processes in place wasn’t an easy task. It took a good couple of months to wrap my head around everything, but thankfully, my team has been most helpful, especially my female voice, Becky!”

Rich managed a few projects to ease his introduction to the company. “I ran M&E contracts, worked with renewable resources, and built top-secret government sites under NDAs… But to be honest, my experience working with Stancold’s range of solutions was limited. It works to my favour, as I get to use what I learned in other sectors, without the we always used to… attitude that plagues the construction industry,” he continues. As our departments grow, Rich’s efforts will let us introduce new team members more smoothly than ever.

“My current goal is to make all our internal operations transparent to improve communications. For example, to move from Outlook to Teams and from Excel to Project. What we’ve got is working perfectly right now, but I can see this being a bottleneck in the future with our plans for 2023. It’s all a process, but we’re getting there!”

He says he’s “pure business – no fun”, but if you ask him why “The Wire” is the best TV show ever or where his favourite surfing spots in the world are – spoilers, Scotland – you’ll instantly notice his eyes go bigger and brighter.

See for yourself – get in touch with us at info@stancold.co.uk. You’re bound to chat with Rich at some point!