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Introducing Jessica, Food & Fire Projects Administrator

One of our Construction Manager’s first tasks was to smoothen project delivery. Rich quickly realised just how much admin goes into Stancold installations. A couple of months later, we brought Jessica in to fill the much-needed role of Project Administrator.


“I’ve never worked in construction prior to Stancold – I’ve got a diploma in dance! I graduated just before the lockdowns, and since there was no work for professional dancers, I found a job in retail,” she says. “I had climbed some steps to a supervisory role, but… I wanted to use my organisational skills better and find a career path I could happily follow.”

The choice wasn’t random. Jessica’s partner works in construction, so she had an idea of what she was getting herself into. “I knew the leap of faith was going to be difficult. I’ve heard all sorts of stories over the years and took it as a personal challenge not to be a part of them! It helps massively to have someone support me and believe in my choices.”

Jessica joined the team to assist our Project Coordinator, Becky, as the contracts we take on get more complex every week. “In my first months, we prioritised things I can do almost automatically whenever a new project pops up. And we’re slowly building these up, as I learn more about the business. It’s rewarding to see how I took some pressure off the team, even though it’s only been three months,” she says, giving us a long list of her daily tasks, which sum up to getting jobs on-site and ordering necessary machinery.

“I might be on the front line, but I am yet to have a bad experience with anyone. The construction industry seems friendlier and more understanding than retail, where it was as if the constant stress had been in the contract.”

At the weekends, Jessica still enjoys dancing, although not in a professional capacity. “I don’t compete anymore, but old habits die hard – I train and exercise regularly to keep the dream of having my own dance studio alive. Maybe one day. But I’m happy where I am at the moment.”

You’re bound to meet Jessica if you’ve got a project with Stancold. She’ll be one of the first contact points for anything site-related and will gladly deal with any delivery queries.

Jessica works on ongoing projects – if you’ve your planning a new one, email info@stancold.co.uk