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Integrating Cleanroom Panel Systems in Dundee

August has been a busy month of cleanroom installations for Stancold, where the team are now on site in Scotland, over 400 miles away from Head Office, with a leading provider of electrical components.

Working with a cleanroom contractor to complete the new cleanroom, Stancold will be integrating three different panel systems to meet the end user’s requirements, including an acoustic area and glazed office space.

As the design developed between the cleanroom contractor and the end user, Stancold’s cleanroom specialist, Mark Kendrick, was able to adjust quotations accordingly, using his expertise in the field to advise on each panel system and how it would work within the finished facility. Once the order was placed, our project management team completed a site survey to visualise the final layout and get a better understanding of the site conditions and access available during the build.

The cleanrooms will utilise the Kingspan Versatile system, using panels of 50mm and 100mm thickness, while the office space will integrate Puracore’s glazed wall system which combines 50mm thick Aluminium Honeycomb panels with double-glazed toughened glass windows, thus achieving flush glazed walls complete with window frosting and a fully glazed door. The construction of ceilings throughout these facilities will also utilise Kingspan Versatile, while the entire acoustic area, walls to ceiling, will be made up of Eurobond Firemaster 100mm panels.

As an independent installation contractor, our technical expertise and strong experience of a number of systems is second to none, allowing us to stand out as an ideal contractor when different systems should be considered.

To discuss your upcoming cleanroom project and which panel system is best suited to your requirements, get in touch with Mark on 07585 301 425 or send your enquiry here.