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Food & Fire-Rated Expertise Combine in Stancold’s Next Poultry Project

For many years, Stancold have operated within the poultry industry, where we have developed great relationships with many clients. From food-safe production areas to cold storage facilities, our scope covers a wide variety of different requirements.

It’s exciting to be working with a new client based in Wolverhampton, where we’ll be utilising the business’ collective expertise. The project focuses on the construction of a fire-rated fryer room within the client’s new production facility. Eurobond’s Firemaster panel system has been selected as an appropriate option due to its fire-resistant Mineral Fibre core and customisable panel finishes. A food-safe finish has been applied in this case due to the nature of the environment. This specification will achieve a 60-minute fire-rating, where two of our divisions have worked collaboratively to ensure the project contains suitable food-safe and fire-rated properties.

Our fire-rated expert, Shaun Jones, has been working closely with the client to fully understand their requirements through site visits and regular meetings. We make sure to remain transparent with our customers by ensuring they’re always kept up-to-date with any business or industry changes.

The project has now been handed over to Stancold’s Senior Contracts Manager, Sam Glover. Supported by his co-ordination team, he will use decades of experience to deliver a smooth construction following the project’s commencement this month.

This build forms the early stages of our client’s ambitious expansion plans which are set to progress throughout 2022. We look forward to further developing our relationship and assisting their business’ expansion.

We’d love to hear from you about your plans for the future, so give us a call on 0117 316 7000 or email us to discuss with our team.