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Crucial Compartment Wall Construction in Bury St Edmunds

Fire-rated partition walls within industrial units and warehouses are incredibly important and therefore a project type Stancold frequently undertakes. Whether it’s a new-build or an existing site, we can provide the necessary fire protection in preparation for new tenants or other purposes.

Followings the recent success of our work for a main contractor in Chesham, we’re delighted to be working with them again; this time on a new-build in Bury St Edmunds. Similar to the previous project, this involves the installation of fire-rated partition walls within the units’ interior. However, on this occasion we’ll also be focussing on compartment walls between warehouse and office sections. Trimo’s Mineral Fibre Core composite panel has been selected as an appropriate solution that will provide one-hour fire resistance. This is in line with the buildings’ fire strategy, which will ensure the necessary time for personnel to safely exit the building in the event of a fire.

Our early involvement ensures we can begin our work as soon as the structure’s exterior is complete. As always, our expert for all things firewalls, Shaun Jones, has completed negotiations that have satisfied all parties involved. We prioritise customer satisfaction and try our best to offer cost-effective alternatives that fit within your price range. Here, we presented an alternative option to our client, which, in turn reduced costs while still meeting the specification.

We can’t wait to get started once given the green light; the progress of other trades is coming along nicely as the structure’s steelwork nears completion.

Do you have an industrial unit in need of vital passive fire protection? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Shaun Jones is available to discuss your plans on 07821 152 663 or sjones@stancold.co.uk.