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CREST Complete Next Biotechnology Cleanroom Fit-Out in Bedfordshire


Stancold’s Clean Room Envelope Specialist Team (CREST) have successfully completed the 9-week build of a Grade B & Grade C cleanroom area fit-out for a biotechnology manufacturer in Bedfordshire.

CREST’s ability to offer several cleanroom systems to suit different budgets helped to solidify our relationship with the appointed fit-out contractor during the early stages of the project, which then saw the team selected as the architectural cleanroom envelope partner.

CREST were swiftly integrated into the contractor’s design team, advising on material specification changes to suit an evolving scope of works and budget. An early site survey was also a necessity to see the space and assess complexities around using the building’s existing concrete columns for cleanroom ceiling support.

Stancold CREST Installer

To achieve the required Grade B & C cleanroom specification across the fit-out, Kingspan’s Versatile panel system was selected and integrated with breakout panels, vision panels and personnel doors to complete the architectural envelope. This formed four graded processing cleanrooms and adjacent airlocks and changing areas.

CREST’s Contracts Supervisor, Steve Gunning, has reflected on the project:

“As part of our cleanroom builds, working flexibly with other trades on site is a key component in maximising efficiency and achieving timely completion. It’s something our site teams do well, and we were pleased to have done so here again.”

To discuss bringing on Stancold CREST as your trusted cleanroom envelope partner for upcoming fit-out contracts across the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mark Kendrick on 07585 301 425.