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4-Hour Fire-Rated Server Rooms for Birmingham Data Centre

Our fire-rated partitioning installations are utilised across a number of industries and for different project types, from commercial warehousing and retail units to large data centres, each time ensuring that valuable business assets and personnel are protected against fire.

This is no different for our current firewall project on site, where the team are installing a number of server rooms and data stores within a large data centre in Birmingham. Throughout the tender process, Stancold’s industrial partitions specialist, Shaun Jones, liaised closely with the project management contractor and end client, both of whom we have successfully worked with previously.

As with many data centre projects, a short tendering process and quick turnaround time for the build was successfully dealt with by Shaun and Stancold’s project management team to ensure an efficient lead-up to the start date on site.

Installed on a mezzanine platform within the ground floor of the centre, the server rooms will utilise Eurobond Firemaster Mineral Fibre cored composite panels, offering the utmost fire rating of 4 hours. This will secure the maximum fire protection possible, in an environment where heat is regularly exerted from the equipment inside. This will be accompanied by a 4-hour fire-rated hinged personnel door for efficient access into the rooms. Installation will take place while the site remains live, therefore our health & safety procedures have been planned and executed carefully, as well as following the high-security regulations set by our client.

Once subsequent services have completed their work within the area, Stancold’s installation team will return to site at a later date to carry out the required firestopping and hand over the relevant LPS certification to the client.

For more information about our work within data centres and advice on the best materials for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shaun Jones on 07821 152 663 or send your enquiry here.